Monday, February 17, 2020

School Gun Debate Research Proposal Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

School Gun Debate - Research Proposal Example   However, these enacted laws have laid down some very specific conditions that must be met by educators before they are given a permit to carry these weapons to school. In Georgia and the state of Missouri students and teachers can carry concealed guns to their campuses (Severson, 15). However, the condition is that these guns must be under lock, inside a car. In Massachusetts, Nevada and Louisiana, teachers can carry guns to their schools, as long as they have a gun permit from the state, and a written permission from leading administrators of the school. In Hawaii, and New Hampshire, teachers can carry guns to their school environments, on condition that they have a permit that allows them to carry these weapons (Severson, 16). ... However, the laws of these states do not allow students to carry such kind of weapons to school. Texas also allows teachers to carry guns to school, however, under very strict terms. According to their Children’s Protection Act, teachers can ac t as school marshals (Severson, 21). To obtain this position, they have to take and pass a series of mental tests. They also have to receive training on the efficient methods of handling a weapon, and the response in case of an attack. The argument advanced by these states in allowing teachers to carry these weapons is that there will be an increase in security within the school environment. Arming teachers with guns will enhance security within the school environment because they will protect students against armed attackers in case it happens. When they have guns, an armed attacker will be discouraged from attacking the school (Cook, 2021). This is because he or she will expect some resistance. In case of an attack, every minute and second counts. Calling the police and waiting for their arrival is not effective in protecting students and armed attackers from being killed or injured. This is because before the police arrive, an armed attacker would have killed many people. This wi ll only happen if the attacker does not face any resistance. For example, if the nearest police unit is 13 minutes away. This will mean that before the police arrive, an attacker will have 13 minutes to kill and injure unarmed students and teachers. This is because he or she won’t meet any resistance. However, if teachers had weapons, the attacker will face resistance, and this might lead to the protection of the students and teachers lives.

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